Monday, October 29, 2012

Volunteering at Out of the Closet

Yesterday was my first time doing volunteer work.

Out of the closet, put up an ad on Facebook asking for some help.

I have bought a few shirts there once for a project so I knew the place and I knew the cause so I was excited when they were asking for assistance.

Yesterday there I was helping out. It was really nice. I really don’t know what else to say except that I enjoyed my first volunteering experience. :) 

But can you believe I was the ONLY person that volunteered. Which is kind of sad since Amsterdam is such a big city.

Last night when I got home with such a nice feeling I decided to share this experience on my blog and for that I need pictures! So I went back to the store today to get some clicks!

Enjoy the pics and go enjoy the store sometime there are so many great things you just have to search!

This afternoon my soul mate found the Polaroid below, it was a must buy! J

PS: For the people that dress mannequins you guys rock I spent more than I should even say on here trying to dress those things. hehehe

Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Autumn 17ºC day in Amsterdam

Yesterday the weather in Amsterdam was....AWESOME.

Nice and warm with orange and yellow leaves falling and zooming bikes crunching the leaves as they passed by.

For the first time my bike was TOWED. I still cant get over it, it has passed almost 24 hours and I am still in my own little shocked world, but at least it wasn't stolen! Phew! 

How was my biked towed? 

Well I obviously was parked somewhere I had no idea that I SHOULDN'T be parked. Also, when they were looking for me, the owner, where was I? Snapping pictures along the canal! 

Anyways, what matters now is the great shots I got. I could have got a ton more but I always feel slightly embarrassed of taking photos of people... 

I also went on a boat tour with my class so some pictures are from when we were on the boat. It was a Boom Chicago boat ride, and it was actually pretty nice. We were given a lot of small fun facts so it didn't become a long boring history lecture.

Here are the snaps! Enjoy!