Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meeting Sinterklaas

I finally met Sinterklaas today it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G
So much joy, colors and music. I find it quite special that Sinterklaas has the children sit on his lap and he has them sing I believe "The Sinterklaas song" its some song, that seems they must know and the children sing it proudly and receive joyfully clapping. Then Zwart Pete´s give the kids a handful of some round peppermint cookie candy. It is all a very active situation where he has a microphone and is talking to the crowd of kids and the one by one individually. I know my Dutch numbers now, so I understood him asking the kids to raise there hand if they were 3...then 4... or 5.
After Sinterklaas took a 30 min break and a whole band of Zwart Petes came in playing. It was awesome! They were dancing while playing and just so in to it. I felt so in the Christmas spirit of warmth of people.
I must say Sinterklaas is a very intimidating man! Even when he passed by me I had this certain respect and awe. It must be the huge ruby ring on his finger and just all the glamorous objects he has.
I now personally think Sinterklaas is way cooler than Santa (Sorry Santa) he feels so human and real. It wasn't about what the kids wanted for Christmas but more about them pulling off singing the song and making conversation.
I am blessed to live in a different country and to observe these different traditions. I love it!