Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Portuguese artist tours in Amsterdam

In the final weeks of October Flavio was in Amsterdam giving a small tour.

In 7 days he performed in 6 places.

I obviously took the advantage of taking pictures of some of his gigs.
Also, he recorded a live video at Vondelpark with Manon Planting.

The song is called: Red lights.
Can you guess which city inspired it? ;)

Here is the video and also the pictures below.
Special thanks to my soulmate for clicking the final Waterhole pic!

Friday, November 1, 2013

The storm

 There was this huge storm in Amsterdam a few days ago and while the storm was going on Amsterdam was still moving, slower but still on the go. 

Here are some clicks.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Overtoom 301

Overtoom 301 is this really awesome squat building that supports artists to live and work together. You can read more about them and visit their awesome site here.

A few days ago I had the privilege to go there. Flavio is here touring in Amsterdam and he was going to play live for radio Patapoe which is located in the building.

The place is amazing! They have this really nice restaurant and some graffiti walls going on one side of the building.

The building gave me a sense of struggle vs. accomplishment for others it gives them a sense of history in the making. I am sure that every person that goes there feels something different and that is why I recommend for you, reader, to go and check it out for yourself!

If you’re an artist even better, Overtoom 301 is waiting for you!

Here are some clicks.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Visitors in Amsterdam = click click

I had two friends visit Amsterdam this past week.
It is always fun to play tourist for a few days and show how beautiful and unique Amsterdam is.
Here are a few pictures that I took while "the boys" were here.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Busy Sunday @ Westerpark [ Neighborhood food market + Cannabis Liberation Day party ]

This Sunday the sun was shinning and Westerpark was packed with different smells and interesting people.
First there was the Neighborhood food market - a bunch of booths with a diversity of foods. I went for Mexican food and my soulmate went for the well known famous burgers in Amsterdam: The Young Pretenders burgers. I really enjoyed taking photos there except it was so packed sometimes it was hard to get that spur of the moment shot.
Right down the path there was a Cannabis Liberation day party - I don't really understand why there is a party for that but yep there was one! You could smell the weed everywhere. There were many booths; most of them were booths giving out free stuff other booths were snacks to kill the munchies. There was a lot more space to take photos but I was a little hesitant. Its a whole different crowd and I wasn't sure how people would feel about me taking photos of them with a joint in their hand.
I was really amused by the whole party in itself, they were giving out FREE space cake, there was this super mellow band playing, people walked around carrying a cannabis plant (wherever they got that from) and there was a bouncy castle for kids. WHAT?! I was amused. Still am.
Sundays like this are what makes Amsterdam, Amsterdam. There is no other place in the world where you can eat Mexican, Indian, Chinese, etc ... food in the sun, in the park, and right down the path have a CANNABIS party. 

I love you Amsterdam, keep the sun coming!
Here are the pics I got to take. Enjoy!

PS: Can you guess which ones were taken at the food market and which ones were taken at the Cannabis party? ;-)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rolling Kitchen Festival

This year was our third year off to the Rolling Kitchen festival. (You can check last years post here)

Rolling Kitchens is probably my soul mates and I favorite food festival in Amsterdam.

There were so many “food trucks” this year; the festival has grown! Ah I love it!

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t help much, at least on the two days we went, but it was still relatively packed.

We went at 1pm – the time it opens to make sure there was enough space to click away!

If you haven’t been here yet it is a must go! However it ended today so it’s a must go for 2014 ;) Here are the clicks from this weekend!