Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rolling Kitchen Festival

This year was our third year off to the Rolling Kitchen festival. (You can check last years post here)

Rolling Kitchens is probably my soul mates and I favorite food festival in Amsterdam.

There were so many “food trucks” this year; the festival has grown! Ah I love it!

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t help much, at least on the two days we went, but it was still relatively packed.

We went at 1pm – the time it opens to make sure there was enough space to click away!

If you haven’t been here yet it is a must go! However it ended today so it’s a must go for 2014 ;) Here are the clicks from this weekend!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Queens day @ Westerpark

This year was the last Queens day for probably a very very long time ;)

Last year my soul-mate and I learned our lesson on how packed the city center is so we went to the park this year.

I thought the park would be relatively packed but surprisingly it was emptier than on a regular weekend.

Here are some clicks of the few people there.