Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A peaceful day

This afternoon all my homework was done and the house was clean and for the first time ever since I have been living here, I had nothing to do. I had some me time. Camilo was working so I grabbed the camera and went walking around Amsterdam. It felt good to just relax and watch people walk by, hurry by or ride by. It was a good walk.
While walking around I snapped a few pictures of people doing their everyday life things on this chilly autumn day.

A new city A new begining

I have been living in Amsterdam for about a month now. I am here for college and the love of my life. I must say it is an amazing experience.
Amsterdam isn't just drugs, prostitution, bikes and canals. Even though these are things that make Amsterdam, Amsterdam. I am falling in love with the city for more than just those reasons.
During this month I have been around quite a few places. The best places to be at are the crowded ones that is where you see the most beautiful things at.
Dam square, the park, the beach and at a Brazilian festival are few of the places I have been at this past month.
I am not a photographer or anything of that nature but here are some "clicks" of the beauty in Amsterdam.