Friday, April 25, 2014

LIVE(ing) in Amsterdam

This past school year I was on exchange in England but now I am permanently back in Amsterdam again.

Thankfully, every other month I was back in the ´Dam to visit my soulmate.

This time however, coming back and knowing it was permanent brought so much happiness to me.

For the zillionth time Amsterdam made me appreciate all its beauty and simplicity.

There is just something about this place. There really is. I talk about Amsterdam with joy in my eyes and I don’t think people understand. People that come for a weekend can’t understand because they mostly run around to try to see all the tourist attractions and spend time in museums or maybe even in coffee shops.

I think you can only truly understand the beauty of Amsterdam when you are here for about a week and you have the freedom of a relaxing day to grab a bike and explore, go to the park and enjoy the sun, or rush back home after a rainy day to relax and drink tea. The freedom of getting lost, sitting still and people watching.

There are just so many small things that you need to live in Amsterdam to understand why this place has so much charm. So much magic.

I am so glad I am back. I missed living life in Amsterdam.

Here are some quick pictures I have been taking since I have been back. Some of them were taken with my iPhone.