Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rolling Kitchen

Another Rolling Kitchens festival for us – our fourth year (you can check the previous years by clicking here)
This year the festival was HUGE. The weather wasn’t really nice on Thursday which was such a shame however the other two days we went Amsterdam brought out the sun for the festival.
We really went all out this year and ate there three times; we always try to go for different foods but we somehow always end in a more traditional side. Burgers, pizza, pulled pork sandwiches…
This time I took pictures with the good old Canon, my iPhone and a GoPro. It was super tricky to do because so much was going on (we even saw a wedding going on nearby)

Here are the pictures of the wonderful, super packed, Rollende Keukens of 2014. The first image is of all the food we ate.. mmmm lekker!